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Q. What size are the photo prints?

A. The photos are 6" x 4" (15cm x 10cm).

Q. How many shots are taken for each souvenir photo print?

A. We can personalise the event print to capture up to 10 shots at a time. However we find that three to four shots generally works well for most events. This gives enough space for both the pictures and the personalised event design which we create for you.

Q. How will our photos be printed and what is the image quality?

A. All photos will be printed on the spot immediately after the shots taken. This means guests will receive the print within seconds. Our photos are laboratory quality and taken with a high-tech DSLR camera to ensure the prints are of the highest quality. The pictures will also be presented to guests in a free frame standee.

Q. Can we personalise our prints?

A. We will prepare a unique print design for your event and we can add any photos, logos, names and dates or any messages that you want to convey to your guests to the prints. This is all included as part of the Photoboxfun service and creates a great event souvenir. The final design will always be agreed with you. Alternatively you can give us an idea to work from and we can create a design for you or you can select one of our hundreds of pre-prepared designs.

Q. What backdrops are available with Photoboxfun?

A. We have many different backdrops and we can tailor these to your specific event. These include:
  • Standard backdrop
  • Curtain backdrop
  • Shimmer effect with many colour options to add style to the backdrop.
  • Green Screen option if you want to link the backdrop to your specific theme.

    Q. How many people can fit in your photobooth?

    A. One of the great advantages of the Photoboxfun booth is that we can capture lots of people at a time. Moreover being open means they can all still wear their props and make their poses! This means no one need miss out on the fun or be omitted from that memorable pic! We have pictures of 15 people all together posing with their props... see if you can better that!

    Q. How many photos can we take?

    A. The service includes unlimited photos throughout the hire period.

    Q. Can we have electronic copies of the pictures taken?

    A. We will provide to you at the end of the hire period a memory stick or CD - your choice - containing the electronic copy of every single picture taken. This includes all the solo shots and the generated print layout pictures. This means if a generated print layout suffers from one guest not being ready on one shot then you still have the other cherished pictures to enjoy!

    Q Where is Photoboxfun Photo booth based?

    A We are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, ideally located for events in the Midlands and East of England but we are happy to provide our Photobooth Service to events further away.

    Q. What is included in the prop box?

    A. A great choice of items that can also be tailored to your event. There will be hats, funny glasses, masks, wigs, flower bouquet, sash, various selections of fun props on stick, Chalk board and a lot more and any additional items depending on the occasion and event. We will try to accommodate your special request.

    Q. Is it possible to choose between colour or black and white photos?

    A. Yes. This is all part of the design options available.

    Q. Can we have the photo booth for more than 4 hours?

    A. Absolutely! Just let us know the hours you would like to have the booth and we can plan the service accordingly. Photoboxfun is a fully flexible service and we can meet any specific hire requirements you have.

    Q. Do you provide staff with the photo booth?

    A. We provide two operators at each event to guarantee that you and your guests receive the best possible service. They will ensure optimal set up and operation of the booth, assist your guests in the use of the booth and generally make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Q. How long do you take to set up and dismantle the booth? Is this included in the price?

    A. We normally allow 30 - 45 minutes to set up and optimise the booth. Dismantling the booth takes approximately 20 minutes. Setup time is not part of the service period. The service period agreed is only the time in which the booth is in operation.

    How much space is needed for the Photo booth and what connections are required?

    A. Ideally we would like 3m x 3m area however please let us know if you have smaller space and we can arrange the booth to meet your requirements. This flexibility is a benefit of the open booth design. We require access to one standard wall plug to operate the booth and ancillary equipment.

    Q. Can we use the photobooth outside?

    A. The booth can go outside if it is sheltered from rain and other elements and is able to be positioned on a flat surface with access to power. The booth cannot be operated in heavy rain or strong winds.

    Q. What do we need to confirm our booking?

    A. Confirm the event dates and times with us. We would then ask you to kindly make payment of ₤100 deposit to secure the booking. We will then send you a booking form to complete which helps us to gather the information we need to provide the very best service to you at your celebration.

    Q. When is the balance due?

    A. We would ask that the remaining balance of the agreed package is paid before the Photobooth Service is provided. You are likely to be preoccupied on the day and so usually it's easiest to pay in the week before the event!

    Q. How can we pay the deposit and final service payment?

    A. We accept payment by bank transfer, credit/debit card (Visa & Mastercard), Paypal or cash.